Holiday Hope Project

Romano Auto Dealerships' Holiday 
Hope Project

Everyone deserves hope during the holidays!

The Romano Auto Dealerships are donating $50,000 to local non-profit charities this holiday season.20 local organizations will be awarded $2,500 each to help those in need.

Meet the 2021 Recipients
Amaus Dental
Meet our first $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Amaus Dental Services! Their mission is to provide basic dental care to homeless, unemployed and uninsured patients of CNY. Amaus Dental services plans to use the money to update one of the operatory chairs. It was truly incredible to meet this amazing group of volunteers that work so hard to provide these services in Syracuse, NY. Thank you for all the work you do in our community!
Pictured: Ruth Florey, Dr. David Dasher, Judi Brown
Not pictured: Dr. Robert Fangio

Meet our second $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Hospice Of Central New York. Hospice never turns away patients for an inability to pay for their services. They also provide grief counseling to all those within our community - these services are also not covered by insurance. This gift will be used to cover the deficit in cost that insurance reimbursements don't cover. Thank you, Hospice, for all you offer to our community.

 Diaper Bank.jpg
Meet our third $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Central New York Diaper Bank Inc. The CNY Diaper Bank aims to ensure that all CNY families have access to an adequate supply of diapers for their babies and toddlers, and to build awareness in the community that diapers are a basic human need not being met for all children. They will use this gift to purchase diapers in the most needed sizes- 5 and 6. We are so inspired with all you to in helping our communities' youngest citizens.

Meet our fourth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, ARISE Adaptive Design. ARISE works with people of all abilities to create a fair and just community in which everyone can fully participate. This gift would be used to purchase materials to build tools that help people with disabilities participate in everyday life. They create custom low-cost, practical equipment for children who have disabilities They also make a variety of adaptive equipment including standing frames, focus chairs, specialized seats, mobility devices, and multi-sensory environments. We are so impressed with everything you do in our community!

 CNY Blessing 
Meet our fifth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, CNY Blessing Box. The donation supported yesterday's Winter Drive through Food Distribution pictured above. The organization provides everything from food, toiletries to hats and gloves in our local area. In the past year, CNY Blessing Box/New Americans forum food pantry distributed food every Wednesday from 12PM-2PM. It is amazing to see the way you give back in our community, thank you!

Pictured: Tai and Sydney Shaw

Meet our sixth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Advocates Incorporated. Advocates supports children and adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families with 1:1 Mentors/support staff, self-directed Community Habilitation, and self-directed residential supports with a Backup Mentor service. Advocates also provides Family Training, Family Reimbursement for Respite, Service Access, Medical Advocacy, etc. Thank you, Advocates, for all you offer our community!

Meet our seventh $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Clary's Closet. Clary's Closet provides free basic clothing items to Central New York students in need. This organization was started by a mother who heard there was a child in their local school who needed clothing. They will use this gift to purchase new sock underwear and shoes as well as restock their current inventory. It was so nice to see the children also getting involved! Thank you, Clary's Closet, for your compassion!

Hope for 
Meet our eighth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Hope for Bereaved. Hope For Bereaved provides free individual and group counseling as well as the newsletter to all of Central New York and beyond. Founder Therese Schoeneck has made it her mission that Hope helps people through their grief journey. Since the pandemic counseling requests are at an all-time high. We are truly blown away by your selfless warm-hearted endeavors.

catholic charities.jpg
Meet our ninth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities is dedicated to caring for those in need while promoting human development, collaboration, and the elimination of poverty and injustice. They strive to empower those served to transform their lives. We appreciate all the great work you do in our community.

Meet our tenth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Empower Parkinson, Inc. Parkinson's cornerstone program is a boxing program for people with Parkinson disease with the tagline "HOPE in Your Corner". Parkinson's can be a depressing and isolating disease. With the funds they will sponsor weekly support groups to people with Parkinson's, their care partners and people with young onset PD. The Hope you bring to our community is truly uplifting!

Meet our eleventh $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Food Bank of Central New York. Food Bank of Central New York is a not-for-profit organization working to eliminate hunger through food distribution, education, and advocacy in cooperation with the community. This $2,500 donation would mean enough food for 7,500 meals! What an impressive charity, thank you for all that you do in our community!

Meet our twelfth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Access CNY. CASA is a foster care program run through Access CNY. Since the pandemic began, they've been providing food to foster homes, relative placements, and biological families in various stages of reunification, enabling them to provide for their children. Another amazing charity doing great things for our community!

Meet our thirteenth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Toomey Residential and Community Services. Toomey operates a Children's Community Residence for youth ages 7 to 13 who experience severe mental health challenges that make it difficult to successfully live at home with their parents. The house recently had bed bugs so this gift will go to replace furniture they had to throw away. Thank you, Toomey, for supporting the youth in our community!

Meet our fourteenth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Tillie's Touch. Tillie's provides opportunities to inner-city youth to participate in sports and receive educational tutoring/support. Since starting this program 12 years ago, maintaining a 100% HS graduation rate, they continue to help their kids go onto higher education/trade. We are so honored to be a part of helping this charity!

frazer middle 
Meet our fifteenth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Frazer Middle School. Located on the West Side of Syracuse, Frazer Middle School is collecting donations of new sweatpants and toys to give to each student before the Holiday break. This money is going to help them get each student's gift. It is amazing to see the way you give back in our community, thank you!

Meet our sixteenth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, First United Methodist Church - Baldwinsville Food Pantry. 25 years ago, the food pantry was started by a group of nursery school students at the First United Methodist Church. They gathered all kinds of food donations and made them available to the community. From this humble beginning the Baldwinsville community food pantry evolved. This gift will be used to purchase food to help feed families in need in the local community. We are so blessed to see all the good you do!

Meet our seventeenth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, GiGi's Playhouse, Inc.. GiGi's Playhouse is a Down Syndrome Achievement Center. They serve the CNY Down Syndrome Community with free life changing programs. This donation will be used to make their free, purposeful programs accessible and send a message of acceptance to the entire community. Thank you for assisting the CNY Down Syndrome Community with these amazing programs!

Move Along Inc.
Meet our eighteenth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Move Along Inc. Move Along Inc. provides and promotes inclusive adaptive sport and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities and allies. This gift will be used to purchase adaptive sport equipment and rent sport facilities for disabled people in central New York. Thank you for all you do within our community.

Meet our nineteenth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Refugee & Immigrant Self-Empowerment - RISE. RISE is working to resettle Afghan families in CNY. They strive to provide a warm welcome and make their house a home. They have many donors who have contributed household items and furniture, but there are still many needs to help them begin their new life in our community. We are blown away by all the good you do for our community.

Meet our twentieth $2,500 recipient of the Holiday Hope Project, Road2RecoveryCNY. Road2Recovery CNY helps identify people with opioid addiction in financial need and helps fund long-term treatment to promote lasting recovery. They also support, educate and encourage families of those with opioid addiction. This gift is going towards the expenses of sending someone local to a recovery facility, so they have the best opportunity to recover from addiction. It costs about $20,000 per person to send each person to a recovery facility. Thank you for helping our community members in need on their journey to recovery.